Full Color Transfer to T-shirt

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This Paper original produce By NEENAH made in USA. 


Nenah paper.


Designed for transferring inkjet images to dark or other colored garments and substrates. This product contains and opaque layer allowing for photograph quality images to be transferd. This product best used for images that contain white to be transferred onto dark garments




1. Print image on coated side of paper right reading (do not mirror the image).

2. Trim away the unprinted areas of the transfer.




1. Prepare the substrate by ensuring the surface is clean, dry and wrinkle free.




1. Remove the backing paper from the printed image.

2. Place the Heat Transfer Paper on top of the garment with the image facing up (right reading to you).

3. Completely cover the image with an ironing sheet.

4. Place a piece of spare material over the ironing sheet.

5. Press: 30 seconds at 350°F using medium pressure.

6. Once cold peel away ironing sheet in a smooth even motion. 



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