T-Shirt i am Design

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T-Shirt i am Design


I m tshirt is famous tshirt design that people wear and to make everyone know their name or who wear this tshirt. They have 2 type of printing to make this design silkscreen & heatpress . many user will choose heatpress because that quality and shining design more bright than silkscreen dye.


They have many design i am tshirt can choose and its can make with minimum quantity 1 pcs only. We give what customer need the quantity its just numbered but with technology we have we can make MOQ 1 pcs for user.


User can select what type of tshirt and color to make own design i am tshirt please check at this LINK



1 Comment(s)

01/07/2015, 04:03:05 AM

What is the price for i am design t shirt ? 5 to 15 pieces( with different name) How long for delivery? Prefer short sleeve, round neck.. cheapest material

05/07/2015, 11:36:32 PM

yes we can give the lowest price for agent saudagar , please ( whatsapp/sms/coll : 0179734191 ) for order and detail . thank you

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