One Step Closer to Become A Successful Entrepreneur

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One Step Closer to Become A Successful Entrepreneur..

Keep on Moving.







Everyone deserves to become an entrepreneur be it what age you are, where you come from, what is your education background and who you are. If there is a will, surely there is a way. Yes, if you believe you are born to be an entrepreneur, why not you keep on moving to that light!



All you need to do is of course to come out with the modal and identify what you are going to sell. There are a lot of loans, schemes and sponsorship for you to apply to get your modal for business. Besides that, you should know what are you going to sell according to the market value and society’s needs. All of these information is necessary for you because it will help you to handle your business and know how to rotate the modal, sale, profit and loss. Somehow, being business people means that you should be able to predict one step to the future.



Of course, you need to identify your target customers, who they are, what they are doing, and how much their salary. Obviously, you don’t need to be paparazzi, mamarazzi and what not to know your customers, it is just to help you to set your target limit of your selling and comes out with different ideas and promotions to attract them to buy your items.






Other than that, you need to be well prepared mentally if you are facing loss in the beginning of your business. In the business world, there is a statistic that states 95% of some business might fail in the first three years of operating their business, but what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. All you need to do is never give up. Even your business faced the bankruptcy or will be closed, never ever give up in the middle way. You can always open a new business after you have revised the sources of your failures in handling your business.



Role model. Yes, every entrepreneur should have one role model. This role model will encourage you to survive in the business world. All you need to do is imitate their thinking, their spirits and if it necessary, you can have an interview with them to know their advices, judgments and opinions regarding to handle the business. But, bear in your mind that you should never ever imitate the whole person of your role model in business. DON’T BE A COPYCAT!



BE WISE TO MAKE A DECISION. An entrepreneur need to be wise to handle the company. You need to think a step forward to the future, being able to predict what is going to happen if you take this decision and at the same time, being logic in handling the management of your business. No matter how small or big your business, every business need a good management so that you won’t face the “curse” of failures in business.






BE CREATIVE. These two words are like an enchanting word in the business world. Yes, it is necessary especially for the marketing in the business. Other than utilize the medias as the medium for the marketing, you need to be creative in attracting your buyers. You can come out with the door gifts, discounts, promotions and souvenirs as well to attract your customers. Of course, through this way, it will help you to promote your business in the society context.



Being an entrepreneur, you need to be honest and polite. Do not cheat in your business or being rude to your customer. If you do that, the karma will do the job. Never ever being a cheater in your business or in another way, being greedy to gain more profits. There no such thing “instant millionaire and billionaire” in business. Everyone starts will a small step and they build from the scratch!



Everyone can be an entrepreneur. If you know what you are doing, if you don’t lose your faith and don’t give up, you got the characteristic of being a successful entrepreneur. Be it who you are as long as you know how to survive in the tough battleship and understand the “game” in the business world, you are one step closer to become a successful business people. Think big, start with small!










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