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corporate t-shirt shirt is one category which has a wide demand. consist of a wide range of design and quality of the fabric, it has a class of its own. There are many in the market for corporate t-shirts which are ready made and some that can be custom made according to customer's design are in want.


We use materials such as comb cotton, oxford, polysoft and viscose in making corporate t-shirt. size by asian standard size. stitching and quality on the t-shirt is our goal. to ensure that consumers are comfortable wearing.


t-shirt embroidered logo, corporate need to ensure neatness. embroidered on the left sleeve, right, left and right chest and back can be done beautifully.


reasonable price and satisfactory quality of our service guarantee better. government orders or quotes are welcome. Direct contact with our representatives.


if you have any questions, please contact our representative at no. 017-973 4191



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